Julio Himede


Julio Himede is one of the world’s leading production designers for television and staged events. Julio has an impressive portfolio of clients including MTV, Nike, Nickelodeon, Victoria Secret, Viacom and the NBA.
Julio engaged us to create a logo and website that captured his personality, creativity and style in a professional, clean design. 

Challenge / Solution

The challenge was to reflect Julio’s creativity and personality in a single identity, and across a wide demographic, from conservative corporate to kids award shows and vibrant events.  
We developed a statement logo that was bold, fun and essentially Julio. A typographic logo that has the flexibility to incorporate animated images or a solid colour.


Logo Design, Web Design, UI/UX, Animation, Graphic Design, Web Development, Video Editing

Below3k - Julio himede logo 2 -


The challenge was to create a vibrant, clean layout that allowed the site to be updated with new projects, without changing the original design. 
Our solution was to create a single frame layout, to focus on the content, without scrolling and enable seamless navigation throughout the site. A horizontal scroll menu on the homepage allowed us to add unlimited movies that stream directly from Youtube.

below3k-julio himede website
Below3k julio himede_website

Mobile Design

We created a customised mobile site that gave us complete control over the design and development, which wasn’t possible with a responsive website.
Our main priorities were to create a modified design, that reflected the desktop site, allowing users to view images at their maximum size and easily navigate on a mobile device.


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